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The Landscape Recycling Center (LRC) is a not-for-profit municipal enterprise that accepts local organic yard waste and debris. Over 100,000 cubic yards of waste are diverted from landfills annually and recycled into high quality organic mulch and compost that can be purchased in bulk or by the gallon. Whether you want to grow greener grass or start an herb garden, or you are a professional with a landscaping business, the LRC is a community resource for YOU. Your patronage allows this uniquely sustainable facility to operate. Please take a look around the site and get to know more about your local community gardening partner.

As a not-for-profit facility, the LRC requires a tipping fee for disposal costs based on the type of material and the quantity of waste. The collected fees are used to help offset the cost of operation. Click here for more information.

We suggest that you read the Rules and Regulations before visiting the facility.  Any disposal items that do not meet LRC requirements will be turned away at the attendant's discretion.   


This intergovernmental facility, its agents and/or employees make no guarantee or warranty of the products available at this facility and assume no liability for any damages that may occur to persons or property while at the LRC site.

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