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Live Edge Wood

Starting at $1.50 / Board Foot

Urban Lumber

Red Oak & (other species) charged by the board foot (quantities limited)
Please Call for appointment (217)384-2303 or

Customers that are interested in purchasing Urban Lumber are required to schedule an appointment to select boards and make a purchase. 

Board are stored in storage container.

Made from: Urban trees removed from Urbana-Champaign area, milled locally.  Air dried and untreated.

  • Red Oak      $4.75 / board foot

  • Hackberry   $1.50 / board foot  

              Board Foot is measure by (Length(in) x Width(in) x Thickness(in)) ÷ 144(in)

Applications: Utilize the natural beauty of untreated, live edge wood for furniture, artwork, and other indoor uses.

Variable Sizes available: Cut in variable lengths long, 1 to 2 inches of depth.  The Width varies due to the organic nature of the wood.

Project Ideas: Tables and chairs, book shelves, hot plates, center pieces, and art pieces.

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