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Halloween Pumpkins

Bring us your


Pumpkin Smash Event

Saturday November 4, 2023

11 am - 3 pm 

Free even to visit the LRC and smash your Halloween pumpkins in the food scrap compost pile and learn about local compost and organics recycling!

Halloween Pumpkins Disposal

The Landscape Recycling Center dose accept Halloween pumpkins which are considered as yard waste that is composted in useable material.  We try to divert as much yard waste from ending up in the landfill and after the holidays many people have pumpkins that they need to dispose of and the L.R.C. is happy to help.


Pumpkins are just "Fruit" so they can always be disposed of with your garden materials.  Halloween is a time that most people have multiple pumpkins to get rid of and during the holiday clean up people forget that this fruit can be disposed of similar to your garden and yard waste.   

Pricing for disposing of pumpkins: 


If you have less than a cubic yard of pumpkins (1 - 8 average size)


1 cubic yard or more of pumpkins (Pumpkins can be disposed of with other non-woody materials)


Rules for disposing of pumpkins: 

1: Please remove all candles, lights and anything that is attached.

2: The pumpkins that have any paint or have foreign objects that are attached and can’t be removed are not accepted.  


3: Pumpkins that have been coated to prevent decay and deter animals are not accepted.  


4: Real pumpkins (organic) only, pumpkins made from plastic, foam and other materials are not accepted.

Note: It is up to the attendant discretion to approve or reject any disposal based on the adhering to these rules. 

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