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Are your chips considered  GOOD?

The Landscape Recycling Center takes tree material and we create the different types of mulch through our grinding processes which divert thousands of yard waste material from collecting in the landfills.  We often look for way to help the community the supports us in diverting yard waste material from the landfills.


Companies that use chippers on the brush materials that they have cut and removed, often need to dispose of this raw material is fresh unprocessed mulch.  This material has not been seasoned and all the weed seeds, brush diseases and insects have not been filtered out.  Many people don't understand the importance of when applying fresh cut material to your plants you shouldn't apply diseases or infested material to your plants.  This is why annually we try to offer discounts for company that remove brush and run it through the chipper that are disposed at our facilities.  We do this because along with offering a local disposal facilities for these companies we want to divert majority to all of this material.  

What we consider as good chips!

Some chippers with blades that are maintained and sharp, produce more uniform material.  This material is what we accept for a discounted rate when applicable.  Majority of all the material is cut and processed in to a mulch.  This material still needs to sit be for it is sold.

Some Chippers aren't able produce the uniform material we are looking for.  It comes out stringy and ripped not cut.  This material is what we consider not accept for a discounted rate when applicable.  Lots of the material tend be whole and not cut.  This material still need to be ran through the grinder and sit before sold.


Requirements for chip disposal discount

  • This offer is to Champaign County Certified Arborist only.

  • Chips must pass our screening test

  • Customers loads that do not meet for requirements for disposal, may be discontinued from discount services 

Note: It is up to the attendant discretion to approve or reject any disposal based on the adhering to these rules. 

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