For those who don’t own or have access to a truck or trailer, the Landscape Recycling Center offers a fee-based delivery service.

  • Zone 1:   2-mile radius of LRC = $30.00
  • Zone 2: 12-mile radius of LRC = $40.00
  • Zone 3: 25-mile radius of LRC = $60.00
  • Zone 4: 35-mile radius of LRC = $75.00

If our delivery truck is too busy to accommodate your schedule, you can also contact one of the recommended private contractors on this list.

Hauler Information [PDF]

Minimum Product Required for LRC Delivery

  • 4-cubic yard minimum order for Zone 1 and Zone 2.
  • 5-cubic yard minimum order for Zone 3 and Zone 4.
  • 5-ton maximum per load for recycled granite and screened asphalt millings.
  • 5-cubic yard maximum per load for screened garden compost and pulverized topsoil blend.
  • 9-cubic yard maximum per load for all mulch and mushroom compost.
    Other Delivery Rules
  • All deliveries must be prepaid before they are added to the delivery schedule. We do not accept credit/debit cards. Cash and check only.
  • Delivery fees and cost of product are non-refundable.
  • Delivery driver will not drive off of pavement or across yards.
  • All products will be dumped on the driveway only and cannot block a sidewalk or right of way. Driveways must have unobstructed access from overhead and all sides to allow delivery truck with raised dump bed. A clear space of 15 feet high and 10 feet wide will be required for the drop zone and dumped material may form a windrow as wide as 12 feet. Deliveries will not be dropped under overhead utilities if raised truck bed is within 10 feet of utility line.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there is proper clearance for delivery truck to drop off material. If there is any question as to proper clearance, the driver will make the final determination about whether or not material is dropped in the requested location. No refunds will be provided if there is insufficient space to make delivery.
  • You will receive delivery of product on your scheduled day (rain or shine). If you need to reschedule you must contact the site 2 days prior to delivery date. We will only reschedule 1 time based on the demands of our delivery schedule.
  • In the event of mechanical or personnel difficulty we will make every effort to contact you to reschedule your delivery for the first available delivery date.
  • The Landscape Recycling Center cannot deliver split firewood and street pavers.

For other questions, see our Delivery FAQs.

Delivery Fees and Rules [PDF]